Recently we found ourselves pondering on just how important moisturizing is. 

With climate changes and our skin reeling over lack of moisture, No one appreciates white flaky skin in the middle of the day.

Who wouldn't want skin flawless as this?

Who wouldn't want skin flawless as this?

While moisturizing is trés importante (french?), Picking the right moisturizer is definitely an important aspect of any skincare routine. Let’s be real, with the thermometer maintaining historical highs almost everywhere, we’re all a bit shellacked in sweat. It's not cute. The sun dehydrates your skin, while the heat makes it nearly impossible for your moisturizers to soak in properly. And when those rays beat down, the last thing you want is a thick moisturizer acting as an extra layer between you and cool-breeze freedom. So right now lightweight body creams are your saving grace(s).

Our Body salve has been whipped to perfection to provide intense moisture whilst still being light weight on the skin. Oils are also ideal in this situation, given that they're light, breathable, and super-hydrating. Our Body oil do come in handy to provide and help your skin retain an even moisture level with natural remedies such as Hazelnut, Sweet Almond, and Sesame oils.

Onyinye Obi